Mary Elizabeth Rollason, the eldest of nine children of Richard John Rollason and Lucy (nee Evans) was born 25 September 1879 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Her mother was a member of the LDS Church and the girls of the family were also members.

Peter Christensen was in Brisbane, possibly on missionary service, when they met and became engaged. Mary left her family and went with Peter to Salt Lake City where they married on the 7 April 1904. She remained a member of the LDS and died in 1966.Mary remained close to her family and wrote regularly of her life.

I have been lucky enough to inherit some of these communications to her mother, Lucy, sister Violet and niece Myrtle who was my grandmother. Postcard collecting was popular as they were pretty and showed scenes of the times. and all three women collected Mary’s postcards into albums. In these, there are mentions of letters and postcards to the other members of her family, who remained in Brisbane and the news was shared between the family.

I'd like to share them with you.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Cheyenne, Wyoming

5th June 1917
Carey, Idaho

Dear Mother and Father

Just a few lines to let you know that we have not forgotten you if we are so far apart. Glad to hear that Mother’s sprain has improved and hoping that her leg will be feeling better. We are enjoying fair health and hope you are all feeling well. Violet will give you this card as I am putting it in a letter I am sending to her. Tell James I have not forgotten that I owe them a letter and will write maybe this week. I was glad to hear from Arthur about two weeks ago and will answer him soon. 

Sorry to hear of Mr Burdett’s death. The weather here is very nice just now. We are feeling the effects of the war now in many ways. I had a letter from Aunt Martha lately. 

Love from all to all.


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